The Trail of Broken Promises is a journey from Lawrence, KS, to Washington, DC, in an effort to save not only the Wakarusa Wetlands, but sacred places all over the country. We hope to raise awareness from the heart of the country that spaces where ceremony, observance, or meditation occur, are subject to development, and vulnerable to their irreversible effects. The Wakarusa Wetlands, which reside behind Haskell Indian Nations University, are at the center of our cause, and have been invloved in controversy since the 1970's. KDOT plans to build a freeway called the South Lawrence Trafficway through them, which means draining, relocating, and paving over a part of the history of Haskell and the Lawrence community as a whole. ToBP walks with a piece of draft legislation, which they will call on congress to enact, called the Protection of Native American Sacred Places Act. If passed, it would amend the American Indian Religious Freedom Act of 1978 to provide a right of action to protect these places for our future generations.